You need to help me find her.

How much does that car cost?

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Has Irwin told Patricia about how he met John?

This place isn't as safe as it used to be.

We'll have plenty of time later.

You weren't fair.

Stephe felt a little woozy.


I'll let you speak to Antony.

The star system Alpha Centauri has a planet called Alpha Centauri Bb.

Don't walk away from him.

Has Hy told Jarvis that he's married?

One year ago we were here.

Now I recognize you.

His goal is to own a home before he's thirty.

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It's finally Friday.


Which browser do you use?

We followed the deer's tracks.

I saw a dog swim across the river.

What will you give me at my wedding?

I had a hard time trying to talk him out of taking the trip.


She wore such thin clothes that she might well catch a cold.

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I suppose they need it more than we do.


Pedro will arrive on October 20th.

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Let's join the celebration.

Ragnar wasn't able to blow out all the candles on the cake.

That's what I do.

It's impossible to translate this sentence without a dictionary.

I won't do that.

Don't avoid the question!

We slept on a very long bed.


You're scary.

You are a living legend.

Raif asked me how long my parents had been married before they separated.


I asked them to come over.

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You should carry out his offer.

I'm not your father.

What happened on that memorable day?

She told him to study.

Pamela doesn't look too well.

I don't think that anybody really understands me.

Do you have any idea what happened to Ralph?

He underwent a risky operation.

How do you prove that?

If possible, I'd like to read more about the issue.

She is the most boring girl I ever knew.

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Elijah suffers from asthma.

We must provide for old age.

Since then, a great deal of change has occurred in Japan.

Let's just go.

He pestered her with questions.

He is beyond help.

I want Pravin to stop.

This is a Japanese doll.

We can't afford mistakes.

I talked to Andrew about my feelings.

We tried to walk past them.

How do we get her out of jail?

I'm not talking about that now.


I think that's them.

It is war's prize to take all vantages, and ten to one is no impeach of valour.

She plans to marry a rich man.

I believe Lord is innocent.

When Columbus discovered America, bison (American buffalo) inhabited a wide-ranging area.

Pablo asked me where I had bought my hiking boots.

Who was the man you were talking to?


I really want to know.

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I should get back to my quarters.

This is a personal matter.

I don't think Jan did it.


There's something iffy about the situation.


The explosion ruled out their survival.


Sandy isn't rich, but he's happy.

That's against the contract.

Did you remember that you were supposed to buy candles?

I love the beautiful town.

I wish I were a millionaire.


She tied him up.

Art breaks the monotony of our life.

The black angel spread those jet-black wings wide and flew up into the sky.

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It isn't real.

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A hundred years have passed since the Titanic sank.

RAID-1 focuses on reliability, at the expense of storage size.

Are you studying languages, too?

Tell me about what you did last summer.

We were shocked at the news.


Charley wants to speak to you right away.

Ellen lives in a quiet neighborhood.

They stated their objections.


I'm wondering when to buy a computer.

I'm sure Kyle is going to hate me.

What with overwork and what with little sleep at night, he fell ill.

Put the thermometer under your arm.

I'll tell her when to go.

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Will you give me some time?

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

Marco has never told anyone what happened that night.

I hope Beckie likes the cake I baked for him.

Could you arrange to be here at five?


When a sentence is not owned by anyone, like this one, you can correct it yourself.


Gideon answered carefully.


I'm not going to be able to finish this before 2:30.


He'll take care of that.

The next day the wreck of the ship was discovered on the shore.

He's snoring and we're studying.

She's not human.

An accident prohibited his attending the ceremony.

I thought you of all people would understand my decision.

They got caught red-handed.

We need to do better than that.

I don't know. You should ask Tomas.

This stable contains twelve stalls.

Donna will always be here.

Why is the earth round instead of something cooler, like a cube?

The value of the dollar began to drop.


I don't allow myself to have sweets.

Where are you going? Should we accompany you?

Bertrand is a health nut.

I'd like to change the date to tomorrow night.

Sergeant is calculating his salary.

The bills keep piling up.

I think we'd better leave Kristi alone.

We had a disagreement.

I was wondering why you weren't here.

I started a new blog. I'll do my best not to be one of those people who blogs a lot right at the start and then quits blogging.

I'll tell Vilhelm what I know.

He fell out with his wife.

It took a whole month to break in those new shoes.

He raised the glass to his mouth and drained it all in one shot.

I'm better off in Boston.


You can't intimidate us.

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We have to make a choice.

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How do I contribute audio in Tatoeba?

Hang that picture on the wall.

It's a new word for you.

You can't help but like Mah.

James Bond is not an actor.


Cut the cloth on the bias.


I like to call Helge names.

She left her children behind.

Are you ready to do that?


I've never seen a rainbow.


The children in the house stood round the stove; for they wanted to see the paper burn.

Why doesn't he sit with me anymore?

She tried to hide her excitement.

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Corporate America is back.


Did you get her letter?

I regretted having wasted a great deal of time.

That was being sold at a dollar store.

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She hates speaking in public.

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My urine is a little red.


A lie detector works by detecting changes in pulse and respiration.


I feel my age.

Barry says he hasn't seen that movie yet.

I'd like to live in Italy.

Why are you so sure of his success?

This house is not mine.


You have to make a decision.