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Every state agency should have a designated Reportline Security Officer, who can add and delete users. Please contact your agency's Reportline Security Officer if you need to be added to Reportline or if you are having trouble logging in and need your password reset. If your agency doesn't have a Reportline Security Officer - please have someone designated, fill out and sign the Reportline Request form and send to DOA via Reportline@doa.virginia.gov to have them added.

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This system is the property of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Only persons authorized shall be allowed access to this system. Those permitted access shall use this system ONLY for purposes for which they have been authorized.

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Any unauthorized access, use, or abuse of this system or the information contained therein shall be reported to appropriate authorities for investigation and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

For additional information, please read our (785) 539-8281.

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Diligent efforts are made to ensure the security of Commonwealth of Virginia systems. Before you use this Web site to conduct business with the Commonwealth, please ensure your personal computer is not infected with malicious code that collects your personal information. This code is referred to as a keylogger. The way to protect against this is to maintain current Anti-Virus and security patches.

For more information on protecting your personal information online, refer to the Citizens Guide to Online Protection.