You may talk as much as you like.

She has a well-proportioned figure.


Let me know the next time you will visit, so I can make some cookies, tea and coffee.

Let's make it some other time.

We all agree to the new plan.

"Lead me not into temptation," said the frog to the fly.

I guess it's time to leave.

You must try.

The writer's latest novel is well worth reading.

The moonlight is weak.

I can do it all myself.

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I think we've all made mistakes.

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My parents wanted me to marry a nice guy like Mikey, but I was in love with John.

May I speak with the teacher?

To be healthy you have to go to bed early.

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Jennie, is that you?


Troy doesn't speak French at all.


This is madness.

Oskar has done good work so far.

Just please be quiet.

He was in command of the mercenary force.

This ice is too thin to bear your weight.

I'm fine, thanks for asking!

We're prejudiced.

Jinny is an unemployed security guard.

Isn't that what you're trying to tell me?

How did Amy act?

Give a yell if you need anything.

Don't tase me, bro!

The soap hurt my eyes.

You will go, you will never return, in war you will perish.

Dan certainly doesn't need Nathaniel's help.

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I don't know who that boy is.

Are you sure there isn't rat meat in that burger?

This girl I wouldn't take to the altar, at best to the hotel...

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If you should have any trouble, don't hesitate to come to me.

The boy came running.

I got a rash from cosmetics.


Sandip pulled a cigarette lighter from his pocket.

He's a smart boy.

She skived off school.

His nephew lives in America.

I'm going to try to be much more careful from now on.

Robbin told Arlene that John would be at the party.

The facts are buried in a few old books.

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You know that I don't usually talk this way.

Keep your elbows off the table.

That can't be them.

The dog followed its master, wagging its tail.

I want them left alone.


Let's see what you've got in your suitcase.

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It was so hot that I slept with the window open.


The speaker is from Malaysia.

Leila committed a series of murders.

Stay still.

I'm taking this to them.

Can you mend these shoes for me?


I want to hear about it.


Let me help you.

I would like to make an offering.

The bus had left by the time my wife finished dressing.


I finished writing.

There is man's best friend!

I like music and English.

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Political pundits have begun weighing in on the president's speech.


I'm glad I'm not him.

Grand opening sale.

I wanted to be with you.

Grandfather opened the car window and aimed the gun at a bird.

Try to get along with your brother.

Vilhelm didn't want to play second fiddle.

It happens every night.

I like teaching.

Eric accused the employee of stealing.


I feel it unfortunate that there is little of this kind of humble attitude amongst Japanese debaters.

Croatia is a country in southeastern Europe.

She demanded that I should help him.

Sanjay had a hurt look on his face.

Tell him I won't be there.

Her boyfriend did it for her.

It's impossible to change it now.


I suggest you send someone outside to see what's going on.

This must've belonged to him.

So does this restaurant have pilaf?


In all matters, safety first!

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Lucy likes playing tennis.


Making a living as a manga artist is almost impossible.

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Raymond was an Eagle Scout.

I don't want her here.

What else would it be?

That is the common occurrence in Japan.

The Italians always drink wine.

He armed himself with a gun and went to face the enemy camp.

"Why did you do it?" "Because I can."

Please turn out the light so that I can sleep.

Robbin lives on the same street as Hsuan does.

He's a professor of biology at Harvard.

Just one part of what he said got picked up by the media and took on a life of its own.

Jane has read "Snow Country" before.

Do you have fresh strawberries?


I wish now I'd given Mac a chance.

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The company incurred a deficit of $400 million during the first quarter.

Would you please tell me your name again?

Those impossible suggestions just annoy me.

This novel isn't as good as his last one.

It's probably haunted.

She did her job.

Mara was robbed at knife-point.

Isabelle is no match for me.

Though he's not clever, he's a diligent worker.

I'm thinking of going to Germany to study medicine.

You're our guest for the week.

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Can you read that?

Saumya was nicely dressed.

Can you tell me what you have?

She lives near the dike.

Is that expensive, so expensive or too expensive?

Thus he succeeded.

I can't think of everything.

Hunter looked at the calendar on his desk.

Both of you are right.

It is wrong to make fun of an old man.

He didn't see well even with glasses.

I'm older than him.

It was this hospital which I visited last month.

Sorry that I forgot. I'm completely out of it today.

I'm sorry. I will be 10 minutes late.

Sedat, I want to stay with you.

They had different ideas.


She tries to create a sense of unity.

It was a very complicated world.

You can't have a masterpiece without failures.

Kory did it for us.

What heavy traffic!

Come on, Erik, cut it out.

Claude screamed as loud as he could.

I left my credit card at home.

We crushed our enemies.

I've always been proud of them.

He mourned the death of his friend.

Are there any more free spots?

I arrived on the night he left.

I know a man who speaks Latin.

People tell me things.

The doctor pronounced him dead.

You've got to sign your name.


Are you saying you don't know?

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What will become of us if a war breaks out?

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I didn't care for the third act of the play.

Debbie says he did nothing wrong.

They live just down the street.


Jisheng was impressed by Ned's score.

The enemy kept up the attack all night.

I think Kamiya can help me with my problem.


When's the last time you slept?

He drank the last drop of water.

Lucy fired Rafael.

How did you like that movie?

Consider yourself lucky that you were never involved with Walt.


It's not easy to translate a poem in a foreign language.

The New York skyline with all its skyscrapers is probably the most famous in the world

He tasted the cheesecake.


Everyone recognized him as a brilliant pianist.

He does not go without repairing the clock.

Can you spare a minute?