Jesus' mother was there.

I was on the alert for a fugitive criminal.

I'll get rid of him.

When Dan complained about the loud music, Linda mocked him.

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Manavendra is stalking Pratap.


I just want to help people.


The air in this room isn't good.

Let's go see what's in your attic.

He's wearing a hat.


I have a black and white dog.

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I'm not ready to die yet.

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Am I in London?

I'm not sure you have much of a choice.

Buddhism came out of India.

It's just an exception.

If I can't have Junior as my child, then no one can!

Mah and I work together.

What do you think about vegetable tempura?

Did Panos change anything?

I asked Marion if he was cold, but he shook his head.

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Nobody visited my country.

Where are you, Charles?

We still believe it true that he is innocent.

What a weird guy.

Malcolm got in his car and went home.

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I cannot run faster than he.

It only adds fuel to the fire.

I don't want to do the work.

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How may we help you?


Dan didn't even try to do the right thing.

She always takes her time in choosing her dress.

It is still in the testing stage.

Guillermo is the closest friend I've ever had.

Hsi and Stevan painted some ostrich eggs for Easter.

If we miss the train, we'll go by bus.

We watched him until he was out of sight.


I know what happened.

It was all going so well.

Why are so many pincushions made to like a tomato?

It's a large one.

It's really humid, isn't it?

I ran to school, but the bell had already rung.

You should help Felix.

That's an old American custom.

How do you feel?

You didn't need to eat quickly.

Do you want to let me talk or not?

Merton is adorable.

Carsten looked over to his shoulder to see if anyone was following him.

Clifford never wanted to give up, but he had no choice.

Jamie didn't want to believe me.


I have a few things to do.

Atlantis sank into the sea.

I only look like Donne. I'm not Marsha.

Nicolas shouldn't have gotten in the way.

Mikey had arrived earlier than Kay.

We slowly approached them.

It makes no difference to her whether she lives in a city or in the country.

I play football since I was thirteen.

I didn't like doing that.

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I think Ping is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.


I ran out of the room without knowing what I was doing.

He traveled a great deal, as did most of his friends.

Dad uses fire to roast a chicken.


The pilot is battling for the control of the aircraft.

She has been asked to sit on the committee.

Sumitro dropped this.


Shahid's mind was divided into ten different personalities, who alternately took control. They all knew each other and considered themselves different individuals.

They painted their toenails.

I can't get her to help me.

The Mayans abandoned many of their cities.

Ken met Chet here.

Rodger's behaviour at the party was inexcusable.

Suresh wants to eat some apple pie.

I believe the ship will arrive on schedule.

Suicide is an act of revenge against yourself, and I personally have nothing against myself.

Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat, but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.

These shoes are old, but I still like them.


Even Hitoshi looked happy.

Piete watched Earnie throwing rocks into the water.

The child gaped at me as though he were seeing a ghost.

Tomas is Jarvis's grandfather.

You speak wonderfully. Would you like to hear yourself?


I can't believe you eat that stuff.


I also showed an example of a simple but complete plugin system for an application, all written in Python.

Is your English getting better?

There is nothing I can do about that.

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I fear so.


His family is large.


This watch cost 70,000 yen.

The country is rich in natural resources.

I promise I'll try.

If the smaller groups in the interstitial territory would unite their efforts, with the proper strategy and some punctual hits they were able to undermine the advancement of the more centralized sovereign powers.

Cecilia asked me whether I wanted to go or not.

Someone told me that Honzo now lives in Boston.

I have a slight fever.

It seems he has good hearing.

Ernest belonged to a religious order.

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I entered the room, which was full of people.


I don't know about you, but I'm starving.

In the Torah Lot offers his virgin daughter's to be gang raped.

Kill two birds with one stone.

I do not want to imitate the many who first use up their health to seek money and then use up their money to seek health.

I need to buy some Christmas presents.


Take them to the station.

Ira has asked Jingbai to marry him.

Two men had their arms severed in Taiwan after a tug-of-war accident.

"When will Toft get here?" "I really wish I knew."

I thought Kyu and Perry were crazy.

Close the door.

Pilar made a huge mistake.

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What shall we do afterwards?

I'm going to need a ride to work tomorrow morning.

Are you going to throw that away?

My aunt wrote me a letter last week.

I think ambition is good.


When you wear camo shorts, what colour t-shirt goes with that?

I want to find out the source of this irresponsible rumor.

Though only 16, he is independent of his parents.

Dogs can't tell colors apart.

Mom did not mention it.

With whom are you eating lunch?

He is no longer a member of our club.

You amuse me.

In order to give him a surprise on his birthday, I prepared a fantastic cake.


I want to tell you everything.

There's time now.

Generally we all eat together at the table.


Do you need a hand with that?


I simply don't know.

Even if he doesn't come here, I'll go on waiting for him.

When did you start working for Walt?

He climbed up the tree without effort.

I passed a sleepless night.

I'll get off here.

You shouldn't just give up.

To execute a plan was simple.

I was there with him.

Charley was going to lie, but he ended up spilling the beans.

Drew and Mike became acquainted through their mutual friends.


When Matthias woke up, Jinny was on her bike heading over to his house.

Why don't we go get something to eat?

Billy is tired of dealing with Willie.


Isabelle wasn't a very nice man.

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I think I'm drunk.

The patterns of the verb have to be learned.

This is devastating.

Most toothpastes contain fluoride.

Jarl wanted Jock to tell John about the accident.

John and I took turns driving.

She does not understand French.


Slice the quartered lettuce into broad slices.


Will you show me your photo album?

Clarissa will be here by 2:30.

I like this town as it is. Although, there being so many stone stairs is a bit of a pain...

There is a strong presumption against its truth.

Mats cooked supper for us last night.

Moses barely passed the test.

He is said to be very poor.

He never saw his mother again.

You're very wise.


I actually know the answer to that question.

He's trying to get on his boss's good side.

A poor school record will count against you when you look for a job.