Best fishing tips


No matter how great your equipment might be, when fishing or hunting just as well, you need to take in consideration some tips that make the difference between a successful fishing and…a failed one.

As type of weather tells you where the bass is going to be/or not, you need to know the habits of your bass. A shiny day means your bass is looking for shelter, whereas a cloudy one means your bass is out of its protective shelter.

It’s also important to fish at the right time of day, which is in the first few early hours of the morning or the last few hours into the evening. And now that we are at it, best time of the year to fish bass is during the pre-spawn, which starts in spring.

Don’t hesitate to use buzz bait when fishing the bass, as many pros are using it. The loud buzzing noise created actually attracts bass from faraway distances.

Try also to take a good look at the caught bass for local hints. When a bass is fighting, it can throw some of the content in its stomach and you can try to use some lure that mimics that.

The size of your lure is totally unrelated to the size of your bass and even large lures can catch small bass. Don’t be afraid to use some live bait also and shiners are the luckiest around, especially if hooked through both lips or behind the top dorsal fin. Of course, you can always use crayfish, frogs as artificial bait options.

Never forget to check from time to time the line above your lure as t might get frayed as it comes in contact with rocks, gravel, branches and so on. After all, you don’t want to lose your bass just because of your line breaking!