The policeman wrestled the thief to the ground and put handcuffs on him.

Bret is taking a few days off.


Pierre doesn't ever get to school on time.

Arlene can show you around.

She thinks that European cars are better than American cars.

It can be repaired.

I told Debi to swim a little every day for exercise.

Wes was thoughtful.

Simon and Melinda will take care of John.

I'd be happy to come in.

That's a very good plan.

We have decided on leaving this town tomorrow morning.

That's not like her.


I'd like to see that ring, please.

When I understood him I thought better of him.

You must be more careful in driving a car.

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I'd like to help them prove it.

I haven't seen him around.

She does not have to work.


The lady remained silent.

We should classify them before throwing them out.

Open the window and you'll have fresh air.

In my senior year of college, I met Juliane through a mutual friend.

Your present trouble is on my mind all the time.


Was that you yelling for help?


I just can't stand this hot weather anymore.


Johan was hesitant.

You want to watch a French film, is that right?

All of us live in the same dorm.

We are all accustomed to working late at night.

Dan heard Linda yell at the waitress.

Why do we feel schadenfreude over others' suffering?

Roxane seems scared about something.

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Bring her in here.

How about a glass of wine?

Their blood will be distributed to many people.

You can let him go now.

I'm going to call him.

Wouldn't that make you tear your hair out?

I cannot help thinking so.

Throw them overboard.

Can you ride without a saddle?

Thank you, Einstein.

Thanks for the invitation.

Let me show you what I can do.

"G" is an upper-case character.

I don't hate him anymore.

Will Apple lose its mojo now that its visionary founder is dead?

We're looking forward to seeing you again.

I'm going to be around tomorrow afternoon, so please drop in.

How long was the journey to New York?

That's what you think.

It looks like my job's done.

The flower pot crashed to the sidewalk.

We must start at the beginning.

Holly saw a picture of Gil hanging on the wall.

It is ten years since he came to Japan.

I don't know what made me do that.

Don't throw in the towel.

Dan berated Matt for involving Linda in the robbery.

I can't imagine a world without electricity.

That woman must be his wife.


How is that going to work?


Lea wanted me to come get him.

Wingless insects are less scary than winged ones.

Why don't you try it?


You believe what I'm telling you, don't you?


Even the correct use of participles doesn't guarantee you that you'll be understood.


She came an hour beyond the appointed time.

It was really incredible.

Eileen walked past the three policemen who were standing on the corner.

Perhaps this is wrong.

Vijay has a Garmin GPS.


I wrote it all down.

Minors are drinking alcohol inside this bar.

What is the Turkish equivalent of meditation?


It's getting beyond a joke!

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Can you tell me anything else?

Once in a while he tells strange things.

It's still light outside.

Nobody contacted me.

We're going to do our best.


I want to take a closer look at that.

He looks kind of pale.

I wanted to apologize.

I wrote my dissertation about this.

I prefer to be alone.


I never really knew what happened.


I'm kind of busy tonight.

I won't mention that again.

They told me to stay in the car.

Please forward this message along with the seminar information to the appropriate managers in your firm.

Do you want us to help you?

Please don't go to any expense on my account.

France has a common border with Italy.

I suggest we agree to Tahsin's demands.

He stood at the end of the line.

The Sphinx began to walk around him.

Dan waited in the emergency room hallway to hear the status of Linda's condition.

This book is not less amusing than that one.

People who are afraid of making mistakes will make no progress in English conversation.

Meeks is afraid of me, I think.

I've been really fortunate.


Lila stared at Bret with a blank expression.

You mustn't keep your guest waiting outside.

Randell did it the way I told him to.

No public education existed in India before the British colonization.

He came across this old coin in an antique shop.

Don't you think this paisley tie would look good on you?

It's nothing worth considering.


Japan is ahead of other advanced countries in electronics.

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I have a friend who's a doctor.

Why are you asking my opinion?

Can you stop them?

Kathy's death broke Neal's heart.

They don't like you.

If you don't want to attend the meeting, you don't have to.

I've decided to ask Ramesh if she'll marry me.

It's dangerous to swim in this lake.

That looked bad.


I speak Azerbaijani.

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Sharada has to sign his name on this document.

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How silly of me!


That's not very friendly.


I can't thank you enough for what you did for me.

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This is the first time I've ever caught a bird.

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Ceremonies were held to celebrate victories.

Clifford is using the blowlamp.

The boys were whispering; I knew they were up to something.

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What's your older sister's name?

When she saw me, she held my hand so tight, looked me in eyes and told me: "I love you."

What is the warranty period?

She plays soccer.

Roland would make a good teacher.

The building was completely destroyed.

Lindsay pointed at the empty glass on the bar.

I don't mind if you smoke.

Xiaoding asked Teacher Lin while holding a picture: "Is this picture of you taken in the Beijing University Library?"

Do you know of anyone that can help us?

Which room do you live in?

We argued with something of the purpose in the life about.

It's a lot of fun to be with you.

What about the other one?

Dion told me to stay here until he got back.

I'm going to know tomorrow.

Which side won?


He washes his head.

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To her sorrow, she had no one to rely on.


He washes his t-shirt.

This project admits of improvement.

Where could Marc have gotten that from?


I need my prescriptions.

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The humble man is getting along with his neighbors.


I can't cope with stress.

On Sunday, I go to church.

The Dead Sea lives: it attracts tourists from all corners of the world.

I have lived here a long time.

She gave the boy a sieve in which to carry water from the well.

We'll play a game.

You told me not to buy that, but I bought it anyway.

Somebody knows that.

Nothing can't exist because if it did it would be something.


Andries tried the shoes on.