Case Briefs for Law Students and Lawyers

Case briefs are vital to any law student’s education.  They are a summary of the facts of the legal case.  Each brief can be used in class and can help students study.  The formats can vary, but they must all include facts, procedure, issue, holding, reasoning and concurring/dissenting opinions.  Case briefs don’t have all of the facts, but they are a helpful guide for law students.  They can be useful in class or in preparing for an exam.  Students and lawyers are encouraged to submit case briefs!
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Most recent Case briefs

Cantwell v. Connecticut


Newton Cantwell and his two sons, Jesse and Russell, were Jehovah’s Witnesses. They went door to door in a predominantly Catholic neighborhood to sell literature and solicit contributions. Jesse also asked and received permission from two men on the street to play a phonogra...

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Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District


Several students in high school and junior high school planned to wear black armbands to school to protest the Vietnam War. The principals of the schools became aware of the plan and implemented a policy that any student wearing an armband would be asked to remove it, and refu...

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Palsgraf v. Long Island R. Co.


Palsgraf, plaintiff, was standing on a platform owned by the Long Island Railroad Company, defendant, waiting for the train to Rockaway Beach. At this time, another train bound for a different location stopped at the platform and two men raced to board it. Th...

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Keeble v. Hickeringill


Circa November 8th, in the 2nd year of the Queen, the plaintiff, Keeble, lawfully possessed a close of land, deemed Minott’s Meadow, which enclosed a decoy pond (used for entrapping wildfowl). Keeble used his own resources to prepare d...

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McAvoy v. Medina


The plaintiff, McAvoy, was a customer at a barber shop owned by the defendant, Medina, when he found and claimed a pocket-book seen lying on a table. The plaintiff showed it to the defendant, who proceeded to count the money inside. The plaintiff then instruc...

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