My Customer Service Experience with Lucky Tackle Box

Let’s just get this out of the way real quick. I’m a nerd. When I find a new hobby or a new interest I go all in and I learn as much as I can about it. I buy lots and lots of gadgets and doodads directly and sometimes indirectly related to the subject. Fishing is no different.

When I got back into fishing, I had a three month window of using only the gear I already owned. For the most part anyway. But once that was over, I started looking into expanding my collection of tackle. It’s a crazy world out there. I found two different companies offering full size samples of bait for targeting certain species of fish. It was getting close to Black Friday so I thought I’d wait and see what kind of deals were coming up.

When the Black Friday sales come around Lucky Tackle Box (LTB)  had a pretty sweet deal if you pick up a 3 month subscription to the box you’ll get an extra 3 (premium) lures in a separate box. I bit. I told you I’m a nerd and these subscription boxes are aimed directly at me and my gadget hoarding tendencies.

A little while later I got my first box and I was super excited by the contents. It was a bunch of stuff I don’t normally see in the local big box tackle store and things I’ve never experienced. I got the other two boxes and I was just as tickled with those, but I never received the bonus box.  I’m kind of a social media person and find I get most of my customer service needs met through Twitter. I reached out on Twitter a couple times, but I didn’t hear anything back from LTB. I was disappointed, but I know it can’t be a huge company and they were probably busy.

I decided to take it to email. Which, to me, kind of sucks because I was sure I’d get some ticket assigned to me and not hear back for a while and I’d get a scripted run around through some 3rd party customer service department. In my personal life a lot of bad stuff had gone on in the months between Black Friday and this email and I wasn’t really looking forward to dealing with customer service, to be honest. I was assigned a ticket, as I suspected I would, but to my surprise I was emailed back the very next business day by Britni.

She was quick to explain the extra lures would have come in a separate box and asked if I had received one. I let her know that I hadn’t received a box with the extra three lures in it. All I could remember was that I had only received three boxes in total. She let me know that while they didn’t have the lures that were offered in the Black Friday sale anymore, she could send me two lures and face shield from the latest promotion they had run and she could also throw in another lure for the inconvenience. I was happy.

Britni did a fantastic job and was quick to respond to my replies and questions. She went above and beyond, in my opinion, and sent the three great lures and a face shield without having to ask for shipping information or any of the normal added speed bumps customer service people tend to add to a process. Short of just having the original lures showing up in the first place, this process was as smooth as it could have been.

So, good job Lucky Tackle Box and Britni. While I’m not a subscriber right now because I’m saving up for a trip and for the kayak I just purchased; I will be back. I appreciate the ‘old school’ customer service.

Friday Fishing Five Fun Links #1

Every Friday I’ll share five links to fishing or outdoor related things I really enjoyed this week.

Here are this weeks five things:

  1. Justin over at LakeForkGuy finally caught his topwater black tip shark.  I don’t think my heart could handle shark fishing it looks like way too adrenaline filled for me. Who knows. It’s probably addicting.
  2. Favorite USA released their new line of rod and reels – Sick Stick. $150 combo looks legit. I already have a lot of gear, but these are really tempting.
  3. foresheet This got me super excited for doing more kayak fishing in my new to me kayak.
  4. I discovered FishxScale this week and I’m super excited. He’s an angler down here in New Orleans and shows off some pretty awesome kayak fishing in my area on YouTube.
  5. 9284710026 If you couldn’t tell I’ve been digging into kayak content recently because of the recent kayak acquisition.

I hope y’all enjoyed these things as much as I did. There is so much cool stuff going on in the fishing industry with YouTube fishing getting more popular and people spending time outside.

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Fishing Story – My Biggest Largemouth Bass

Living in New Orleans, we’re lucky enough to be in one of the most interesting cities in the world and to also be surrounded by great fishing for all kinds of species. Lately I’ve been on a largemouth bass kick probably because of all the 443-213-1066 I consume after work.

So, I was out fishing around 2pm on an autumn day in November of 2016 on the fishing pier over what I call Christmas Tree Lagoon located in City Park here in New Orleans, where the park staff sinks Christmas trees to add structure for the fish. I was just getting back into fishing and promised myself I’d use my old rod and reels incase this fishing thing was a fleeting obsession. I’m standing on the pier fishing with a 20+ year old rod and reel that I’ve had since I was a kid with line that’s probably been on the reel for over 10 years. I was using a Texas rigged (601) 731-6192 with size 4 847-573-7182 and a small bullet weight on who knows how heavy (old and dusty) monofilament line.

Back to the fishing story now that I’ve nerded out and reminisced a little on the gear I was using – I’m casting about 10 feet off of the pier at a couple of Christmas trees. I’m pretty sure I was actually pitching between the trees because I’d previous lost a couple lures around that same spot. The water depth is probably 4-6′ and it’s murky like most water around here. Probably around 3-7″ of visibility. I’m pitching between these two trees because I have a gut feeling like there has to be a good fish or two in this spot.  I’m here for about 30-40 minutes and I’ve got nothing. Maybe a bite or two, but who knows I’m probably feeling the little branches of the Christmas tree if I’m being honest.

I’m a bit of a hard head when it comes to most things and catching a fish in this spot was one of them. I’m here for probably 45 minutes and my gut still says there is a fish here. So, I decide to slow it down quite a bit and to just keep my Senko in that area. I slow rolled it back to me with a couple little twitches. I’m about half way back and a good two foot from the Christmas tree structure when my line shoots off. I pulled up and set the hook and I’m thinking this fish has got me tangled in the tree. I reel in hard and get the fish close to the pier where I can see it and it’s a biggun.

At this point my heart is going crazy because I’m about to pull the biggest bass I’ve ever seen in person out of the water. I couldn’t get a good flip on it over the pier’s railing and the 20+ year old rod feels like it’s going to give out. I grab the line and hand lined the sucker out of the water and lip it. Now, I’m pretty big dude at about 6’3 and this fish was the size of my forearm – around 24″ long and a good 12″ inches around with a mouth that could easily swallow my fist. There was no one around to witness my awesomeness or help me document the occasion so I took an Instagram selfie and released the fish back into the lagoon.

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Biggest bass I've ever caught. #personalbest #fishing

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Who am I and why I’m starting Let’s Fish.

If you’re reading this in the first few days after launch you probably know me because you’re probably my Mom, wife, brother or a friend bored enough to click on a link of mine. I’ll give you a quick introduction of myself just incase you’re not one of those folks.

My name is Jason and as of writing this post I’m a 35 year old software development manager in the travel industry living in New Orleans, Louisiana.Some of the most vivid memories I have from my childhood are from fishing. Roadside fishing with hooks and line found tangled on a tree, fishing Lake Calaveras while my late father read a book on the dock, and the oldest; cane fishing in a park outside of my hometown of San Antonio. About a year ago while doing some work for my wife’s YouTube channel I fell down a random YouTube rabbit hole and came across a couple of the YouTube fishing folks. That’s how the fishing fire got relit in my life and my bank account got a little smaller.

I started Let’s Fish to talk about my journey, things I’m learning, things I’m trying out, and just general cool fishing related topics. I’d like to start my own YouTube channel, but I’m not quite ready for that. I hope to share pretty much anything fishing related that I can here on the site and see what happens. I’m excited to take y’all along with me as well as have a place to look back on things that happened to compensate for my terrible memory.

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