His daughter was endowed with beauty and grace.

These windows are opened by him.

Don't blame this mistake on Lou.

The typhoon made that difficult.


Are you doing anything special for New Year's Eve?

Jisheng enjoys a good challenge.

You're doing it again.

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I have a high opinion of this book.

I was glad to do a good deed.

If the cookies weren't quite so burnt, maybe some people would have eaten them.

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We wish Clyde the best.

In summer, I like to go out for a run in the countryside.

She did so out of curiosity.

Vishal has been teaching us French.

Graham kept me company.

When did you tell me?

We asked experts to make an unbiased study on the linguistic problems experienced in the framework of international communication.

It's a good day to be homeless.

The boy was fed up with being treated as a burden.


Successfully demonstrated a new product in 7 districts.


She really looks beautiful in a kimono.


I hope you liked it and that you come back soon.


What drew you to this kind of work?

The battalion surrendered to the enemy.

From the castle we could see the whole curve of the river around its base.

Are you still convinced Brent was the one who did it?

I made John happy.

Why aren't you with them?

I've never tried it.


You can't carry on like this.

Take whichever you like best.

Why are you tired?

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This issue should be voted on.

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Who will succeed Reagan as President?

We're not supposed to park here.

I left my umbrella on the bus.

Helge had another argument with Lum.

The airplane took off on time.

The dog is drooling.

Portuguese descends from Latin.

Old is no fun.

Delbert asked me to come here.

Do you know where to find them?

"Time to die, Konrad" said Manolis.


We got the job done on time.


We both have to go to work.

I'm feeling drunk.

Next Saturday, I will go to Paris.


Lee and I have been friends since grade school.


The baby arrived near dawn.

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I saw Craig and Loukas just this morning.

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What is that suitable for?

Yesterday we prepared some delicious fish in a new microwave.

Niels took off on his bicycle.

The waitress serving us at the diner was exhausted and stressed.

I couldn't stand any more.

I still haven't decided yet.

Dimitry is waiting there for you.

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I'm hoping Antony learns from his mistakes.

I'll go to Hokkaido next month with my friend.

There's musical entertainment from nine o'clock to midnight.

I want to get a good seat, so I plan to arrive early.

I really spoke too harshly.

Are you guys still together?

I can't leave Sysko alone.


Our boss approved our plan.


What do you think Vidhyanath means?


The bus just left.

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Take a book from the shelf.

I don't think I've ever met Mosur.

Jackye's a keen hiker and bird watcher.

We got married on October 20th.

I'm envisioning all of that now.

Some thought him unkind.

Surcharges are not included.

Do you think you can make it to the party?

Child as she is, she can act wisely.


What is the population of New York?

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Can I see your driver's license?

I am hungry.

The restaurant is a pleasant out-of-the-way spot in New York.

That's a hard question to answer.

He believes himself to be infallible.

I'm worried about you.

He often used to stay up until late at night.

You should talk faster!

It is no accident that she won the first prize.

She attempted suicide.

Gene began to suspect something wasn't quite right.

Vishal doesn't know how to ride a bike.

He warned the children against playing in the street.

She is prepared for the interview tomorrow.

The subway line is going to be extended out this way.

I don't know much about that.

I never heard from her again.

That seems to work.

Can you tell us what it is?

The thief hid in the dark doorway.

We know everything about that.

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She looked at me and laughed.

The parents in this community have banded together to support their schools, with the end result being notably higher student test scores and graduation rates.

Don't forget to water the flowers in the garden twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Micheal counted the money.

Are you sure Manolis is happy?

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What are you celebrating?

Maybe he was sick.

The faster, the better!


Do all systems naturally evolve towards an equilibrium state?


Please tell him how sorry I am.


He decided to have surgery.

The boxes are rectangular, not square.

I think Irwin wants something to write on.

Does he love me?

I heard something, but I couldn't tell what it was.

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They told him: "Tomorrow you are to be hanged." Hearing that did not exactly cheer him.


How're you feeling?

You're the pathetic one.

I have to go to a funeral today.


The flowers in the garden died from the absence of rain.

Moe was waiting on a bench, doing a crossword puzzle.

If you wish, I'll ask.

She's just evil.

Nobody wants to come to your party.

Hurry up and get dressed. You're going to miss your ride.

What's wrong sweetie?

Brendan sent Conrad away.

Old people in supermarkets piss me off.

This is the first time I've ever spun wool.

Put some candles in the candleholder.


I'm safe now.

Daryl is as tall as you are.

Claire knows how to answer the question.

Jim was with Jacobson all afternoon.

Pontus can't say for sure where Dorothy lives.

Christofer should be knighted.

He'll probably come over here if you call out to him.

I've explained all of this to you before.

I'm not quite well.

I'm pretty sure Jerald doesn't know how to swim.

We took a plane from Tokyo to Sapporo.


I hear you're well paid.

In childhood, many violent criminals wantonly mistreated animals.

I asked who he was.

Theodore isn't afraid of snakes.

We have to make the most of the opportunity.


You really do play tap dance quite well.

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Is this tooth sensitive to cold foods?


Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

Vern has a son and a daughter.

To put it bluntly, your sweat smells awful.

Are you being sarcastic?

We'll explain.


I didn't see it coming.


If you're seeking information about the Esperanto movement in Indonesia, please visit the webpage.

I go to the store to motivate my mom.

He rose to speak in answer to his name.


Hello, how's business?

The article deserves careful study.

She must have been a beauty when she was young.

His son troubled him most.

Marcos has helped me out a lot.